Dear Colleagues,

In these pages you will find related articles with the tobacco industry, the “Vitolphilia” and other variants of the collecting related to these, such as the collecting of cigar labels, smoking pipes, cigarettes wrappers, lighters, matchboxes, cigarette cards, and other related articles.

Special topics on this page will be dedicated to telling the history of cigar factories, especially the oldest. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of factories that already appear on this site, with its links.

To those who think that collecting this type of "memorabilia" is an invitation to smoking we repeat them that on one occasion expressed a famous Iberian “vitolphilic” assiduous writer for the magazine of the Spanish Vitolphilic Association, who signed his works with the pseudonym “Don Vitolino”, now dead Don Jorge Pérez Chacón. He said in one of his books:

“I know many philatelists who have never written a letter…”

We might add that there are thousands of numismatists who are neither bankers or lenders, or financiers.

Thus, friends, select the topic of your choice and enjoy...


Orlando Arteaga Abreu.

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